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“… is a great cow”- and hopefully a few of them.  And some of the best ones should show up more than once in the bull’s pedigree if you want to strengthen the consistency and prepotency of your breeding program. The impact of that concept will be tested many times over in the current market
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Getting the Genetics Right

On 1,500 acres in eastern Alberta, Arno, Tim and Daniel Doerksen are hard at work getting ready for their Gemstone Cattle Company’s second annual bull and female sale in Brooks, Alta. in December. The sale will include purebred Hereford and Angus bulls as well as Hereford, Angus and Hereford Angus-cross commercial heifers. The Doerksen family
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Gemstone’s Ideal Cow

When you get the cow right, everything else falls into place. How do we define the “Ideal Cow”. At Gemstone Cattle Company, we have been developing and raising moderate framed cows for many years. Through research, observation, testing, tracking, trial and error, we have a body of data and experience that has contributed to the
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